All the World's a Stage: Theatrical Design as Garden Inspiration


Stage set designers have an interesting job: they need to create a flexible, life-size diorama in a very limited space, and figure out ways to make it as changeable as possible while still conveying a strong message. This is no easy task, and the best set designers study for years or even decades before they're able to take charge of a production of their own. When you think about it, though, a garden is a little like a stage set.

30 November 2016

Home Window Privacy: what are your options?


If you live somewhere with ground-floor, street-facing windows, you'd probably like to find a way to ensure you and your household a little extra privacy. So what are your options? Blinds & Curtains The obvious solution is to hang blinds or curtains over the windows in question. Pros: This is an incredibly versatile way to give yourself some privacy, as you can always customise your choices to match or enhance your decor.

18 November 2016