Home Window Privacy: what are your options?


If you live somewhere with ground-floor, street-facing windows, you'd probably like to find a way to ensure you and your household a little extra privacy. So what are your options?

Blinds & Curtains

The obvious solution is to hang blinds or curtains over the windows in question.

Pros: This is an incredibly versatile way to give yourself some privacy, as you can always customise your choices to match or enhance your decor. Blackout blinds and curtains are fantastic for bedroom windows as they block the morning light, and it's easy to change your window dressings if you decide you fancy something different.

Cons: You probably won't want to keep them closed all the time, meaning that during the day you'll have a choice between no privacy and no light.

Net Curtains & Voiles

The traditional solution to this problem is to hang nets or voiles behind your blinds or curtains.

Pros: These solutions will let in the natural light while still offering some privacy, and they also come in a huge range of colours and patterns.

Cons: Many people think that nets and voiles look a little dated, and they don't match every style. They will also need taking down and washing from time to time, which can be a hassle.

Wooden Shutters

Custom-made wooden shutters are an increasingly popular alternative to blinds and curtains.

Pros: Shutters can be opened or closed, and generally let in at least a little light through the slats whatever position they're in. you can have them painted in any colour you fancy, and they have a classic style many people love.

Cons: Shutters like these can be expensive, as they usually need to be made bespoke. Not everyone likes the look of them, and if you're renting you'll need your landlord's permission to have them installed. They can also make a room feel a little gloomy if left shut in the daytime. They also don't block morning light well if installed in a bedroom.

Frosted Window Film

Many manufacturers sell frosted film that you can lay over a window to give it the impression of being frosted glass.

Pros: Many people like the look of frosted glass, and it maintains privacy without compromising light.

Cons: Never being able to see out of your windows at all can be a major drawback of this option. If the film is incorrectly installed, the bubbles can be unsightly--and it can be hard to get it smooth as it carries an embossed pattern. It also has a tendency to make all your windows look a little like they belong in a bathroom!

Home Window Tinting

It's become quite common to have your home windows tinted, usually with a dark film overlay.

Pros: Many of these films are designed so that you can see out without anyone else being able to see in. They let in plenty of light, they're inexpensive, they're perfectly compatible with blinds, curtains or shutters for decorative purposes, they don't make much of a difference to the look and feel of a room and as they're smooth they're easier to install than their frosted counterparts.

Cons: It's possible to accidentally install the film the wrong way round, thus ruining some of its effect; be careful not to do this! After a few years it can begin to peel, but it's cheap and straightforward enough that you can simply replace it if this happens.


18 November 2016

How a Window Brings Joy

Hello, my name is Sandra. I live in Western Australia with my husband and our two kids. I wanted to start a new blog so I could talk about windows and the joy they can bring into a person's life. I didn't fully understand or appreciate windows until we moved into our current home. It is a large place with plenty of windows. When I first stepped through the front door, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The light was amazing and the view made me want to cry. Having so many windows to look after has meant that I have had to learn a lot about maintaining them. I hope you enjoy my blog!