Three Things You Should Look for In Security Doors


As a homeowner, the safety of your property is one of the primary considerations you must make. Windows and doors provide the most accessible points into your home. Therefore, you must protect these vulnerable areas as best as you can. With entryways, in particular, installing quality security doors is an excellent way to secure your home. They are made of more sturdy and durable materials, unlike your regular doors, ensuring they can stand up to forceful entry. Here are a few essential tips to help you choose security doors for your home.

Customization options

Do you have a unique entryway on your property? If that is the case, ready-made security doors, while cheaper, might not be the best choice for you. Security doors customized to fit your unique doorways will not only work as intended but will also accentuate your home's aesthetic. For tailor-made security doors, quality artisanship is essential. Therefore, you must hire a professional security door company to help design and install the doors on your property.

Powder-coated doors

While painted doors are not necessarily inferior, they usually don't hold up well over time when exposed to the sun's heat. The paint will often peel off and expose the underlying material to corrosion, causing the door to get damaged.  

On the other hand, powder-coated security doors tend to last longer, thanks to their anti-corrosive properties. 

However, it is essential to note that the longevity of the powder coat relies on the environment it is in. The salt in the wind may strip away the powder coating faster over time if you live around coastal areas. In this case, the minor components of the security doors must also be powder coated to protect them. Furthermore, proper maintenance guarantees your security doors will stay corrosion-free for several years.

Quality handles and locks

Installing cheap handles and locks on your doors would be unfortunate. It would undoubtedly compromise your security doors, making them useless against break-ins. Pairing your security doors with handles and locks from reputable and quality brands is highly advisable.

If you don't know where to start when sourcing these components, a safe bet is to ask your security door provider. An experienced security door company will likely know the best locks and handles to pair with their products.

Furthermore, choosing security doors with mortice locks is a much safer alternative than surface-mounted locks. When the body of the lock is housed inside the door frame, it makes it harder for the locks to be taken down using a hammer, making your security doors more secure.


27 July 2022

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