Why Fit Skylights in Your Extension?


Skylights are well-known for offering more sunlight inside homes of all sizes. In homes that don't have a sufficient number of widows, they can make a huge difference. In particular, they will be of interest to anyone who is considering extending their home. Why are they so useful when you design an extension? Read on to find out.

Extending Out

If you opt for a standard sort of extension, the sort that you will find being commissioned all over Australia, then your home will be pushed out further on the ground floor, usually at the rear. This typically means that your current living accommodation ends up being further from the back of the property than it is at the moment. In turn, your windows will necessarily be further away from the centre of your home.

Therefore, adding skylights to the roof of your single-storey extension will make a great deal of sense. This will bring more sunlight into where it is needed. The windows and glazed doors you are likely to fit at the back of your extended property will do a reasonable job, of course, especially if you live in a north-facing property. However, only skylights will continue to deliver light where you'll most require it—in the heart of the remodelled home.

Extending Up

If you are going to a two-storey extension off the back or side of your home, then you won't be able to use skylights in the same way. Of course, you can fit them into the roof of your new structure. This will mean you are able to get natural sunlight close to the middle of your upper storey, good for keeping your bathroom and bedrooms feeling light and airy.

However, your lower floor won't be able to obtain light in the same way if you have built above it. Under such circumstances, you can consider reducing the size of the upper part of the extension so that there is room to also fit skylights lower down. In some cases, it might be possible to even fit a partially glazed roof depending on the available space downstairs.

Loft Conversions

In some cases, you can extend the liveable space of your home without increasing its footprint. This commonly involves converting your loft to become an additional bedroom or study. Note that skylights are ideal for such home improvement projects. They'll work perfectly within pitched roofs at any angle for extra light. What's more, they can be opened in the summer to allow trapped heat to escape naturally. 

For more info about skylights, contact a local company. 


24 January 2023

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