Warning Signs of Impending Window Repairs or Replacement


Although windows are in plain sight in the home, not many homeowners pay much attention to them. As long as they are streaming in natural light and keep out the elements, people tend to consider that they are working just fine. However, broken windowpanes do not exclusively cause window repairs. If you have an old home or if the window frames have become compromised, the functionality of your windows can decrease significantly. Knowing how to spot the symptoms enables you to seek window repairs in good time and save you the cost of expensive window replacement. So what are some of the warning signs of impending window repairs or replacement?

Your house always feels drafty

One of the sure-fire signs that your windows need professional attention is if you constantly feel drafts in your home. Drafts come about if there are holes or gaps in your windows that allow the air from the outdoors to penetrate your home, despite the windows being closed. Drafts can be especially uncomfortable during the winter months when you are trying to maintain comfortable temperatures inside your residence. Typically, the damage on the windows will be caused due to water, which will eventually cause the frames to warp. You should inspect your window frames for damage and hire professional contractors to replace the affected frames.

Your windowpanes are rattling

No matter how high the winds are in your area, you windowpanes are not supposed to rattle in place. Any sounds of rattling emanating from your windows will be indicative of the panes having come loose from the frame. On the other hand, shrunken window frames can cause the rattling, which is also a hazard as it means the window panes are not secured in place. Shrinking of window frames tends to happen in areas that experience erratic temperature change, which causes the timber or aluminium frames to expand and shrink consistently. The expansion and contraction eventually affect the structural integrity of the window frames, which in effect poses the risk of your panes breaking.

Your window pane are collecting excessive condensation

Condensation will form on your windowpanes, not matter what type of glass that you have. However, if you have double glazed windowpanes, condensation should be minimal. If you start to find that condensate is regularly trapped between the windowpanes and is accumulating on the frame, it means the insulation of your windows has become compromised. It would be prudent to replace the windows to avoid structural damage to the window frames as well as decreased energy efficiency of your home. For more information about double-glazed windows, contact a local window business.


11 May 2017

How a Window Brings Joy

Hello, my name is Sandra. I live in Western Australia with my husband and our two kids. I wanted to start a new blog so I could talk about windows and the joy they can bring into a person's life. I didn't fully understand or appreciate windows until we moved into our current home. It is a large place with plenty of windows. When I first stepped through the front door, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The light was amazing and the view made me want to cry. Having so many windows to look after has meant that I have had to learn a lot about maintaining them. I hope you enjoy my blog!