A Few Tips for Choosing the Right Window Treatments for a Room


The window treatments you choose for a room, meaning the coverings for the windows, are actually very important. The right treatments can add softness and warmth to a space and make it seem cosy and inviting; however, window treatments can also easily overpower the space, clash with furniture, or make the room seem industrial an drab. Note a few tips for choosing the right window treatments for any room in your home, so you know you get something you'll love for years to come.

For small spaces

If a room is very small, curtains might not be the right choice; even small fabric panels can seem overwhelming in the space, and get in the way of foot traffic. This is especially true of small rooms with big windows, as you would then need larger curtains to cover the entire span of those windows. Opt for shutters with piano hinges that you can fold flat against the walls, as these sit inside the window frame when closed and don't seem so overpowering. However, for larger windows without much wall space around them, opt for blinds; that reduced wall space may not accommodate folded shutters, whereas blinds will stay out of the way even when fully opened.

Upholstered furniture

Curtains can also be difficult to choose when you have upholstered furniture in the room, or for a bedroom with linens on the bed, as colours and patterns can easily clash. Save curtains for rooms with leather or wood furniture, and opt for shutters or blinds in the living room or family room with an upholstered couch.

Maintenance and cleaning

Note the maintenance needed for window treatments when making your selection; curtains may need to be professionally cleaned on a regular basis, and more so if your home is especially dusty or if you have children and pets. Wood shutters may need consistent maintenance, as they may absorb water and then tend to expand and crack, or their colour may fade over time. Blinds are typically very easy to maintain, with just a wipe down when needed.

Privacy and light blockage

If you need maximum light blockage, choose thick curtains with a light blocking fabric; this fabric will have a dense weave that helps to completely block light. Light blocking blinds can also be made of a dense fabric; since they sit right in the window frame, they can block all the light coming into the room and offer maximum privacy as well. Shutters are not always the best for blocking light, as light will still get through their slats no matter their design.


17 May 2017

How a Window Brings Joy

Hello, my name is Sandra. I live in Western Australia with my husband and our two kids. I wanted to start a new blog so I could talk about windows and the joy they can bring into a person's life. I didn't fully understand or appreciate windows until we moved into our current home. It is a large place with plenty of windows. When I first stepped through the front door, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The light was amazing and the view made me want to cry. Having so many windows to look after has meant that I have had to learn a lot about maintaining them. I hope you enjoy my blog!