2 Major Reasons To Consider Double-Glazed Windows For Your Home


Windows are an important thing to think about when you're building or renovating your home. There are unlimited options when it comes to windows so you will always find something to suit your needs concerning budget and functionality of the windows in terms of aspects such as durability and aesthetic appeal. However, having multiple options to choose from also means the selection process may not be easy. Several things will come into play to help you settle on a window type for your home and glazing is one of them. Windows can be single-glazed or double-glazed. Investing in the latter has more practical benefits and here are a few to think about.

Energy Efficiency

Did you know that windows have an impact on how energy-efficient your home is? This is because a considerable amount of heat is oftentimes lost through the windows. Double-glazed windows are more energy efficient because they have two layers of glass panes that help enhance their thermal insulation value. That is, the airtight construction of double-glazed windows that is achieved by using the two glass layers minimises the flow of incoming as well as outgoing heat. The room in which these windows are installed will remain within a given range or scale of temperature for a longer period than it would if it had single-glazed windows. What this means in terms of energy efficiency is that your air conditioning or heating system will be able to cool down or heat up the room faster, meaning a considerable amount of energy will be saved. Windows that can help lower your energy bills are definitely worth considering.

Limited Condensation

If you live in an area that experiences large temperature differences between day and night, you may realise that you are having a lot of condensation on your windows. This may seem normal because the condensation disappears when the sun rises and the day progresses. Continued condensation can actually be detrimental to your windows. First, if you have a wooden frame, you may have to deal with rotting over time. The extra moisture from the condensation can also promote the growth of mould and mildew, which is never good because besides possibly causing health issues, it affects the aesthetic appeal of your home. However, with double windows, you won't have to deal with such issues because the gas, which is usually trapped between the glass layers, will ensure that the inside glass pane maintains the standard temperature needed to block moisture formation.   


29 May 2017

How a Window Brings Joy

Hello, my name is Sandra. I live in Western Australia with my husband and our two kids. I wanted to start a new blog so I could talk about windows and the joy they can bring into a person's life. I didn't fully understand or appreciate windows until we moved into our current home. It is a large place with plenty of windows. When I first stepped through the front door, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. The light was amazing and the view made me want to cry. Having so many windows to look after has meant that I have had to learn a lot about maintaining them. I hope you enjoy my blog!