Clearing Up Some Misconceptions About Bi-fold Doors for the Patio


When you have a large patio or deck area outside your home, you may want to opt for bi-fold doors rather than French doors or one sliding glass panel. Bi-fold doors allow you to open up that entire wall to the outside, so you'll have more fresh air and less traffic congestion when entertaining.

If you're in the market for new doors for your patio, or if you are thinking of doing some renovating to your home in order to open up the entryway to the patio and are trying to decide on the right style of doors, note a few misconceptions you might have about bi-fold doors. This will ensure you find the right style and choice of doors for your home and love your patio entryway for as long as you own the home.

They let in heat and cold

Because bi-fold doors usually replace an entire wall and are made of mostly glass, it's easy to think that they will let in lots of heat and cold. However, the glass used for bi-fold doors can be very thick and insulated so that there is little to no heat or cold transferred through the doors. The bottom of the door will also usually have a threshold seal, meaning a rubber piece that is placed under the door or over the floor along the doorframe, which helps to seal the gap between the door and floor. If you invest in quality doors and this threshold seal is installed properly, there should be no issues with heat or cold coming into the home.

They look cluttered

If you've ever seen bi-fold doors on someone else's home and they seemed cluttered and crowded, chances are there were lots of panels with very thick frames that created this cluttered look. If you prefer something cleaner and even a bit more modern, you might choose larger panels with thin frames, as this will mean the maximum amount of glass with less wood or aluminium to create a cluttered look.

They don't provide safety

Bi-fold doors can be outfitted with a deadbolt lock, just like a standard entryway door. If you opt for a recessed track, it can't easily be removed from the doorframe, so the doors cannot simply be pulled away from the home. You can also choose security glass for the door,  which is nearly impossible to break. This will ensure the doors don't provide an easy entry point for thieves and intruders.


20 October 2017

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