Does Office Window Tinting Have Any Security Benefits?


When you first started thinking about adding tints to your office windows, you may have been looking for a range of specific benefits. For example, you might be keen to reduce glare in the workplace to make things easier for your employees. You think that solar tints could reduce your energy costs.

While these are real benefits, they aren't the only reason to install tints. Some products also come with security advantages. What are they?

1. Block Your Space From Public View

Your office is likely to contain some expensive pieces of equipment. For example, you may have desktop computers, laptops, printers and copiers dotted all around your working space. These things are attractive to thieves. They can sell them quickly for a fair amount of money.

Expensive items that are stored in offices also sometimes look like an easy steal. If nobody is on the premises outside of working hours or at weekends, then thieves have the opportunity and time to get in and take what they want.

Often, thieves case out offices by looking in their windows to see what is available. This is a particular problem if some of your working space is on the ground floor.

However, if you put specialist tints on your windows you can block the view in from the outside. For example, nobody can see in through a reflective tint. You can even buy clearer tints that shield the inside of your building from curious eyes.

So, tints can help you keep your work valuables safer. Thieves are less likely to target an office if they don't know that there is something worth taking in there. These tints increase their risk.

2. Add Strength to Your Windows

If you install security-grade tints on your windows, then you make your glass less vulnerable to intrusion. These tints make break-ins more difficult.

If a thief can't get into your building through a door, they might target a window. They know that they can breach the glass quickly and relatively quietly. So, an experienced thief can get inside without being noticed.

Some tints make this harder. When someone tries to break the glass, the tint holds firm; it prevents the glass from breaking and falling out in the usual way. So, someone would have to bash the window a lot harder and for longer. This isn't a quiet process, so the extra time and noise deters intruders.

To find out more about the security benefits of office window tinting, talk to tint suppliers and installers.


19 November 2019

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