Sliding Patio Doors – The Perfect Choice For Homes


There are several different options available to you if you want a glazed entranceway to your home. Many people want a large expanse of glazing at the rear of their home — where they tend to enjoy most privacy — so that they can make their garden feel as though it is part of the interior. This has benefits in the winter because the doors allow more light in as well as in the summer when you want to open up your glazed door to make your patio area feel like it is an extra room. As well as French doors and bi-folds, sliding patio doors are often the preferred choice that Australians make these days. Why should you turn to sliding doors suppliers for your next set of patio doors?

Meeting the Safety Standards

When you have a glazed door fitted in your home, it needs to be safe. Accidentally bumping into a glazed door should not mean it shatters instantly. Nor should it be susceptible to knocks from outside or high winds. The relevant standard that all Australian sliding door suppliers need to meet for their glazed products is AS2047-1999. Additionally, high-quality patio doors will have good seals that protect you from bushfires in the area. The Window and Door Industry Council oversees both aspects of patio door design in the country, a good body to check out when you are looking for high-quality suppliers.

A Secure Option

Although there is nothing inherently insecure about bi-folding doors or even a set of French doors, many people consider that sliding doors suppliers make more secure products. This is understandable when you remember that a sliding door has no hinge which can be forced open by a determined intruder. In other words, the only way to get past a sliding patio door — other than smashing the glazing — is to shift the door sideways. So long as the door's frame offers multiple locking points at the side, the top and the bottom, this is virtually impossible.

More Glazing For Your Money

With the sort of low-profile frames that sliding door suppliers now use, you can obtain a lot more glazing when you buy patio doors. This means that you will enjoy a greater level of natural sunlight with a sliding patio door than you would with either bi-folds or French doors. Given that sliding patio doors are generally cheaper than either of these type of door, they are the obvious choice for homeowners looking for quality at a reasonable price.

For additional information, reach out to a local sliding door supplier.


26 August 2020

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