The Benefits of Aluminium Window Frames


Aluminium is a material that is ideal for window frames in many regards. Big brands like Schüco windows, for example, will often make aluminium window frames for their premier product ranges and bespoke window designs. What is it about this metal that makes it so beneficial, especially when you compare it to the other main window frame materials, wood and uPVC? Read on to find out.

Lightweight Frames

Whether you are talking about Schüco aluminium windows or any other manufacturer, one of the main reasons window makers like this metal is because it is light. However, aluminium is also very robust. It is for this reason that you will find the material being used in the aerospace industry so much as well as for windows and Schüco facades, for instance. Because double and triple-glazed units are heavy due to the large amount of glass that is involved, the lighter you can make the frames the better, especially when you are considering building a multi-storey structure where the overall weight of each floor will need to be limited. Aluminium frames fit the bill completely when weight is an issue.

Great Tensile Strength

As mentioned, aluminium frames are strong enough to cope with the weight of the glazing they will hold. In fact, due to the high tensile strength of this material, you can achieve exceptionally long spans before the frames will begin to bow. As such, the likes of Schüco Windows can make very large window units that are bigger than would be possible with wood or uPVC. This is ideal when you want an uninterrupted vista from your windows with no additional framework in the way to spoil the view.

Thermal Insulation

One of the potential drawbacks of aluminium frames is that they will allow too much heat to escape in the winter months. This was certainly the case with the first generation of commercially manufactured aluminium windows which were installed in the Empire State Building in New York City. However, manufacturers of high-quality aluminium window frames now know how to prevent thermal losses through the metal. Because aluminium is an efficient conductor of heat, the frame needs to be made with a thermal break inserted between the section of metal that will form the inside of the frame and the corresponding one outside. This cuts down on thermal transference in either direction. In other words, it will prevent your home from overheating from the aluminium frames of its windows in the summer just as much as helping you to stay cosy in cold weather.

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16 February 2021

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