Roller Blinds Installation: Four Selection Tips for Home Improvement


If you are looking for an inexpensive way to improve your home, consider replacing your old window treatments with roller blinds. Roller blinds are ideal for controlling light infiltration and managing privacy. Also, their operation is simple and convenient. Additionally, the design is appealing for indoor use. Still, the results of using roller blinds will vary according to the specific choices. Here are selection tips for promoting a good outcome.

Compare the Colours

The appearance of your roller blinds should match the style of your home. If the blinds do not work with the rooms in which they are installed, your space will look chaotic and unattractive. Therefore, consider the general colour scheme in your residence. Choose colours that can complement the walls, furniture and existing décor. If you cannot find a good match, select neutral hues. These shades will blend into the room, regardless of the existing features. Also, evaluate the general style of the blinds. Some blinds have a traditional look, while others look modern. Compare and determine the best choice for your home.

Think About Light

Light control is a critical factor in residential roller blinds selection. Therefore, think about your specific needs before purchase to avoid inconvenience. The two primary options to consider are blackout and translucent blinds. The former block the flow of light almost completely, so they are ideal for rooms where sunlight is not desirable at certain times. For example, entertainment rooms or children's nurseries can benefit from the installation of blackout blinds. Translucent blinds allow some light flow. These treatments are suitable for general living areas.

Consider Child Safety

Traditional roller blinds are operated using cords. These cords allow for simple opening and closure of the window treatments. However, the hanging lines can be dangerous around children and pets. For example, if a child is tangled in the cords, they could sustain injuries. Therefore, inquire about the options for improving safety before installing roller blinds. For instance, some blinds have features like cleats that allow the cords to be rolled and placed out of reach for children. Also, inquire about the availability of cordless blinds.

Plan for Convenience

Finally, think about the potential benefits of motorising your roller blinds. Motorised blinds are perfect if you have large windows. Manual operation is often time-consuming and increases the risk of blinds damage. If you are interested in automation, choose windows with an in-built mechanism to avoid retrofit problems. Moreover, consider your budget with care because motorisation can be an expensive undertaking. 


28 May 2021

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