Why You Need Tilt and Turn Windows for Your Home


There are various types of windows you can choose for your home. Windows may differ in the framing material but are mostly categorised depending on the mechanism of operation in terms of how they open or close. Most windows will only open in one direction. Casement windows will open to the side, while sash windows will slide either up or down. One type of window that may be less well-known to homeowners is tilt and turn windows.

16 May 2017

Warning Signs of Impending Window Repairs or Replacement


Although windows are in plain sight in the home, not many homeowners pay much attention to them. As long as they are streaming in natural light and keep out the elements, people tend to consider that they are working just fine. However, broken windowpanes do not exclusively cause window repairs. If you have an old home or if the window frames have become compromised, the functionality of your windows can decrease significantly.

11 May 2017

All the World's a Stage: Theatrical Design as Garden Inspiration


Stage set designers have an interesting job: they need to create a flexible, life-size diorama in a very limited space, and figure out ways to make it as changeable as possible while still conveying a strong message. This is no easy task, and the best set designers study for years or even decades before they're able to take charge of a production of their own. When you think about it, though, a garden is a little like a stage set.

30 November 2016

Home Window Privacy: what are your options?


If you live somewhere with ground-floor, street-facing windows, you'd probably like to find a way to ensure you and your household a little extra privacy. So what are your options? Blinds & Curtains The obvious solution is to hang blinds or curtains over the windows in question. Pros: This is an incredibly versatile way to give yourself some privacy, as you can always customise your choices to match or enhance your decor.

18 November 2016